Happy Hair

I currently work as a hairstylist and makeup artist at Adorn Salon and Spa in Denver, CO. After 11 years in the industry, I have trained with some amazing talent, traveled to expand my knowledge, and built relationships to reach my ultimate definition of success: working for myself. While I'm ready to add more to my professional profile, and work with clients in new and exciting ways, I love my craft, and I take pride in transforming clients' appearances to reflect their inner beauty.

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Happy Self

I'm making moves to combine my life experience, training, and love of people into a Lifestyle Coaching business. I love working in a one-on-one dynamic to create measurable goals and movement toward accountability to one's current self, in order to make space for a more authentic and well-rounded life. Transparency is extremely important to me, and I find coaching an outlet to grow, in addition to helping others do the same.

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Happy Life

"You start out as a phony and become real." -Glenn O'Brien

When I became a Mother, I had no idea how awesome, hard, emotional, exhausting, and absolutely magnificent it would be. I love nothing more than creating a supportive, loving home for my children, and doing my best to guide them gently along the way. Sometimes, this experience is really, really hard. I'm happy to share some of my stories if it helps others along the way.

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My Vision:

To love my self, family, and friends with the fire of 1000 suns.

To create a full life that allows for harmony of my beliefs, actions, and ethics.

To explore the process of humanity, and use my experiences to help others reflect on their process and purpose.

To learn as much as possible about the things that inspire me, and use other peoples' stories to enhance my perspective.

To work in an intimate space with clients who want to adjust the way they see themselves, and hold themselves out in the World.






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